Kiwicon is brought to you on the sweat of a thousand hackers brows, slaving for months to crack, code, trashtalk and tweet. However, when we need something more tangible, something more fiduciary, we turn to our sponsors, who have generously endowed us with cash, goods and non-creepy favours. We heartily endorse their product and/or service, and have subscribed to their newsletter. We encourage you to consider them when procuring newsletters yourself.

For Kiwixon X we are doing the sponsorship slightly differently and have moved to a specialised tiered model. Unlike a traditional bronze, silver, gold approach will be doing something more Kiwicon-aligned

Honey Badger Tier

Sponsors of the illustrious honey badger category have kindly put their donation towards the venue hire and our extensive lighting and sound rig. This years sponsor(s) include:

  • InternetNZ!

Llama Tier

The Llama sponsors will keep our attendees hydrated, the flame-pots flaming and the stage props glowing in the dark. This years sponsors include:

  • NZRS
  • Aura Information Security
  • Catalyst IT
  • Confide
  • CheckPoint / Duo

Goat Tier

Our goat sponsors will help bring speakers and attendees who can’t make it under their own steam to the con. They will also keep the green room fully stocked and ensure the craft crue has enough glitter and sequins to…

  • Insomnia Security
  • ZX Security
  • Endace Measurement Systems Ltd
  • Quantum Security
  • Lateral Security
  • Cogito Group

Sheep Tier

Our sheep-tier sponsors will be providing free tickets for students and small prizes for the closing ceremony

  • Quantum Security
  • Duo

Pickle Barrel

  • The Last Pickle

VIP Party

  • Shadowy Underground Hacker Crue "The Sons of Southern Darkness & Ladies Auxillary"

Tubular Engineering

  • SiteHost