Defensive DevOps

Duration: 6 hours


The DevOps revolution is in full swing, with a variety of tools and techniques being announced and implemented every day. Our systems no longer look to deploy on physical hardware, instead aiming to be hosted on the cloud and other virtualised systems.

Docker and the rise of deployable artefacts straight from your developer are a powerful promise to erase “works for me” from our lexicon forever.

But, how do we do this securely? All these automation tools are still programming, and programming is always filled with bugs and security holes.

And being human, we can’t always see what those holes look like.

In this session, I will lead us through the rise of the DevOps revolution, and what it means both from a technical and cultural standpoint.
We’ll discuss how to model where your points of failure will be, and which ones will be the most catastrophic. We’ll talk about security, how it’s a reliability concern, and how best to make it part of your journey to sustainability.

Most of all, we’ll talk about culture, and the cultural changes to ensure that your team can take advantage of all that DevOps has to offer.

This session is for dev or ops people who want to know more about using automation tools, how to do it securely, and how to understand the culture of their organisation.