Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers - Intense

Duration: half day


Join Kim in the exploration into an insightful set of steps he has learned, from an architectural, engineering and penetration testing perspective.
Based on the content of volume 0 & 1 of Kim's new book "Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers".

We will first explore the processes and practises, tools and techniques of a typical well skilled attacker.
We will then take what we have learnt from the attackers perspective and apply it to your development team.

Augmenting your Scrum process within each and every Sprint, with a collection of development focussed processes and practises, tools and techniques that have proven their value at drasticly reducing defects early,
thus saving huge costs and the embarrassment that many companies face when their defects are discovered in production.

Kim will walk us through the SSM threat modelling process with hands on examples in areas such as Physical, People, VPS, Network, Cloud and Web Applications.