Security on a shoestring

Duration: full day


So you or your company have decided to do big things and disrupt the future. You have no budget, no IT staff and no real clue how to keep all of it safe online.


This is the course for you. In this full day adventure, SafeStack will show you exactly how to get your security house in order without any expensive nonsense or batman-like security specialist to swoop in and save you.

In this course:
* What is risk and why do you need to care?
* Who or what would even want to attack you? Why?
* Security in designs and architecture
* Incident response (aka. what to do when stuff goes wrong)
* Vulnerability management
* The basics of survival

This is a no-holds barred ramble through security from people who have been doing it a long time and know what you need to care about. Bring a pen, start your list now.