Nov. 14, 2016 11:02 a.m.

Update 20:46pm: 

The council's building inspection team has concluded their review of the Michael Fowler Centre, and it is undamaged, safe for occupation, and clearly is as solidly built as it it is ugly. Kiwicon X is happening. The Crüe is proceeding with preparations, all systems are go. 

Yes, there will be aftershocks, but there will also be great talks, good people, delicious food trucks, and lots of other Kiwicon-stuff. We'll update twitter and here if there's anything you need to know. See you in 60 hours! 

Update 11:20am:

Training venue has been given the tick, so training is go for Tue/Wed.

Original 11:02am:

You've probably heard that there was an earthquake in NZ last night, and Wellington took a fair ol' shake. Everyone involved in running Kiwicon is fine and we're awaiting an update from the council and building engineers on the status of the Michael Fowler Centre. Its a much newer and better quake-engineered building that the previous ones, so we're much more relaxed than than we would have been were it still at the Opera House. We'll let you know when we have more information, but we are proceeding on the assumption that we're on.

The same holds for the Training; we're talking to the venue, and we'll advise when we have more info.

The airport is open, busses are running, but trains and ferries arent. It'd pay to check with your accomodation provider about their state later in the day or tomorrow once they've had a chance to assess everything. If you're arriving and you end up without a place to stay, get in touch, and we'll try and sort something out.


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